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Move To Potential

Releasing your child's fullest potential

Move to Potential offer neuro-developmental therapy for children experiencing learning delays, emotional challenges or behavioural issues, gradually erasing them by integrating any retained primitive reflex responsible for the issue while supporting the whole family.

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Is your child facing learning issues or emotional, social, behaviour challenges? There might or might not be a diagnosis and there certainly has been a lot of assessments and tests in order to understand what is holding your child back.

We were there a few years back with my own child. My son was diagnosed with a severe learning delay at school and we had definitely noticed issues at home. He had been given tools to cope with his issues but the root of the problem remained uncovered until we found the retained primitive reflex therapy which eventually helped him to erase his issues. He is the best ambassador for the neuro-developmental therapy I offer telling anyone who wants to hear how it has completely changed his life. You can read his story here.

I'm Marika Berg-Elzinga, a fully qualified neuro-developmental therapist. My in-person consultations are in Dorking but online appointments are also available. I work internationally in English, French and Finnish.

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